39. Trading Christmas Anxiety for Anticipation

by Dec 18, 20232023

It’s about one week until Christmas Day. In keeping with the time of year we traditionally celebrate Jesus’ birth; it corresponds to the time in which Mary and Joseph would have departed Nazareth for Bethlehem. 

Though for different reasons, we are likely experiencing some of the same emotions they must have felt. Exhaustion, some anxiousness, and a great deal of anticipation. For them, those emotions would have stemmed from the soon coming first birth of a child. This birth, however, would certainly be like no other that had come before or has come since! Perhaps they both had some familiarity with what was about to occur, but like any first-time parents, how could they truly know all that was before them? 

And for them, it was not just about giving birth for the first time. They were about to welcome the Son of God! Could they have wondered if the baby was going to look different or act differently? There was truly no frame of reference! The one and only Savior of the world was about to enter the world He had created! Mary and Joseph had already witnessed and experienced many miraculous ways God had prepared the way for His Son’s birth. Perhaps they now wondered what other miracles would occur. 

Preparing Our Hearts

How will you spend this last week leading up to the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Messiah, and Light of the World? For is this not the most impacting circumstance ever to take place from the time the world was created?! A baby, born of a virgin, Who brought with Him the solution for our sinful and selfish nature. Forgiveness in the form of a baby.

If you have not done so already, I strongly encourage you to read the first five chapters of The Wonder of Christmas. Doing so, as the radio broadcaster, Paul Harvey, used to say, will help prepare your hearts for the “rest of the Story”. 

Just as Jesus entered the world quietly and without fanfare, will you purpose to also quiet your own heart and mind before Him this Christmas season? Yes, the week before Christmas can be chaotic, but there really is no better time to make Him your focus. Reading the entire book of The Wonder of Christmas will take less than 45 minutes. And we believe that if you open your heart, you will likely experience some of the same emotion and wonder that Mary and Joseph must have felt. 

The Answer To Our Angst

We at Q4 impact want to shout from the rooftops to all who will listen. Let’s give God the praise He so deserves! Will you honor Him by setting aside time to read this remarkable story, without rushing through it? This is one of the reasons we wrote The Wonder of Christmas. We pray it can be a tool to help you experience a time of reflection, deep contemplation, and thought. For where would we be without Jesus? To whom would we turn when we’re hurting? Let’s turn our hearts to him, and as we read His story, let’s choose to worship, and sing Him songs of praise!

The miracles God performed leading up to the birth of Jesus did not end. In fact, chapters 6-10 of our book highlight the many miracles surrounding Jesus’ birth and immediately following. These series of miracles culminated thirty-three years later in the biggest miracle of all. The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, through Whom God has provided a way of salvation for all who will believe on His Name. No other gift under your tree this year can compare, for this is the greatest gift ever given! 

We invite you to come and bow down and worship the Lord, Who alone is worthy to be praised! Let’s make this Christmas one that honors and acknowledges the Reason we celebrate. For truly the best Christmas is the one in which the Savior is exalted. May we raise our voices with the angels, who announced Jesus’ birth to the shepherds, “…praising God and saying: Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to people he favors!” (Luke 2:13-14)