10. Getting it right: defining our Priorities

by May 29, 20232023

“Success is taking advantage of life’s opportunities without neglecting one’s priorities.”

Several years ago, I was interviewed by a small business magazine writing an article on Regency Lighting. During the interview, I was asked, “What is your definition of success?” Because I had previously taken time to contemplate this aspect of life seriously and prayerfully, I had a ready answer. “Success is taking advantage of life’s opportunities without neglecting one’s priorities.” This definition has been a cornerstone of my belief for almost my entire Christian life. But there’s a catch – you must first identify your priorities! Without a clear understanding of your personal priorities, it’s challenging to navigate the difficult decisions that often bear major consequences.

Q4 Impact believes Scripture provides sound principles that address all aspects of life. These principles provide practical, reliable guidance that are applicable to the decisions we face. We also believe there is benefit in writing things down. Writing helps capture, solidify, and aid us in implementing the values by which we most want to live. To paraphrase another author, it is in writing that our thoughts become clear, and we come to understand what we are actually thinking.

priorities for your best life

Will you take some time to write down what is most important in your life? Is there alignment between what you wrote and God’s Word? I believe it is only in this intersection, a personal set of priorities and values emerge that please God and are worthy as a guide to life. But don’t stop there. List your priorities in order of importance and pray about them. Then share them with a close friend who can validate or challenge what you have identified. This exercise has great and far reaching value. For it serves as a tool to help you wisely make decisions in every stage of life.

Most importantly, if applied diligently, it will also ensure you live your life in the way God would have you live it. It’s not always easy, but it is ALWAYS worth it!