11. What is the point of planning?

by Jun 5, 20232023

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I think few of us claim to be good planners. Perhaps a contributing factor is that our schools don’t make teaching it a priority. We receive other instruction, are given homework, and are evaluated by how well we meet expectations. But lessons on the importance of planning or how to practically incorporate it into our lives is hardly mentioned. As I look back on my education, I realize how unprepared I was for adulthood. While I do have the choice to place blame on my parents, or my school, it won’t resolve the issue.  

For some reason, I didn’t recognize the need for planning until I started having children. Boy, did they give me all kinds of reasons to think ahead and plan! That was when I began to learn how to plan. Now, the older I become, the more important the practice of planning becomes. 

For many of us, however, life is largely navigated without the discipline of planning. We sail through life without taking seriously the need to prepare. It is easy to drift and react in the moment, to the myriad of events we face over the course of our life. 

Planning and Providence

Some of those life events are good and others are not. Planning doesn’t guarantee we will be in control of our circumstances. It does, however, help us better respond to them instead of only react. It is THIS that gives us a much better experience of life.

The authors of the book, “Boundaries”, state, “Passivity never pays off.”  While God works in our efforts, He never does our work for us.  Planning is work and as we approach and enter the 4th quarter of our lives, it means:

  1. Looking forward, with a realistic view, to what the future may bring.
  2. Thinking about our health, our home, and our finances.
  3. Organizing ourselves to face our own aging, while minimizing the burden on our families and loved ones.
  4. Possibly cutting back and/or downsizing.
  5. Facing the end-of-life issues every one of us will encounter.

If, like many, you aren’t good at this type of thing, I encourage you to become good at it. Get help from others, read, and do your homework! Don’t risk becoming a burden to others by making the choice not to plan. 

God is always ready to help us do the things He calls us to do. So, get going and plan! You will be very satisfied as you see the results!