4. Do our Roles actually matter?

by Apr 17, 20232023

“making the main thing, the main thing”

– Stephen Covey

Have you ever made a list of the roles you currently hold? By roles, I mean the function you hold or the part you play in relationships, situations, or settings. Often roles are described as the “hats” one wears. Rather than sharing my list with you, will you take time to create your own? Once you have your list, try to prioritize it, or place your roles in groups of importance. Be thorough – think it through. My list includes over 20!

Doing simple exercises like this is like focusing a camera. It gives clarity on what we presently face and the adjustments or changes required for our current season. This type of critical assessment is necessary to maximize our impact in each role we hold. It also helps ensure we pay enough attention to the areas that need us most.

Living with Intention

A popular word in our culture is “intentional”. It’s an important concept, for without intentionality, we are prone to drift through life. Friends, life can and does allow for some drifting. But when we do not plan for our future with intention, our drifting is certain to rob us from living with purpose. As Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

It is so easy to get distracted or pulled toward certain activities, especially if those things provide greater personal satisfaction or pleasure. We are all so susceptible to choosing the roads that are easier to travel, are the most comfortable, or provide the least resistance.

Yet when we remind ourselves of our God-given purpose, we are more apt to ensure we are “making the main thing, the main thing” – Stephen Covey. Will you make it your prayer and purpose to first be faithful to our Savior? He has provided ALL we need to live a life of Godliness and obedience!