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Q4 exists to counter the prevailing mentality about how our lives are to be lived.

We believe life should be lived to its fullest, marked by meaning and influence, and that God’s Word provides the blueprint for doing so.

Through our blog and podcast, we share Scripture story and conversation to coach and inspire you to practically live God’s truths so you can make an impact every day of your life.

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Ep. 37 – Who’s Really In Control?

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Ep. 36 – Managing Our Distractions

Christian retirement planning podcast

Ep. 35 – Preserving Memories

Finding God in the fourth quarter of life and Spiritual podcast

Ep. 34 – Help For Experiencing God

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Ep. 33 – Is Faith Meant To Be Private?

Christian books and Biblical teachings on forgiveness

Ep. 32 – Is Eternity Only About Heaven?

Christian written books and Biblical guidance for the elderly

Ep. 31 – Disappointment-Free Living (Part 2)

Biblical podcast and Biblical strategies for late-life challenges

Ep. 30 – How To Manage Expectations (Part 1)

Podcasts about retirement and Retirement planning tips

Ep. 29 – What’s Possessing You?

Spiritual podcast and Spiritual growth for seniors

Ep. 28 – Inspiration for Organization

Podcasts about retirement and Understanding God's plan in old age

Ep. 27 – Thriving As You Age

Podcasts about faith and Spiritual growth after 50

Ep. 26 – Are You Serving Yourself or Others?

Christian written books and Late-life faith discovery podcast

Ep. 25 – Conquering Complacency

Podcasts about relationships and Life lessons from the Bible

Ep. 24 – Why Is Apologizing So Hard?

Best retirement strategies and Christian guidance for seniors

Ep. 23 – How Do Others Perceive You?

Podcasts about relationships and Pre-retirement spiritual preparation

Ep. 22 – Applying a Perspective Prescription (Part 2)

Podcasts about relationships and Pre-retirement spiritual preparation

Ep. 22 – Applying a Perspective Prescription (Part 2)

Christian family values for grandparents and God's plan for the fourth quarter of life

Ep. 20 – Living Well in Our Changing Times

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Ep. 19 – Creating a Life of Value

Best retirement strategies

Ep. 18 – How To Live With No Regret

Christian written books and Biblical guidance for the elderly

Ep. 17 – Creating Your Best Bucket List

Christian retirement planning podcast

Ep. 16 – How To Make Good Decisions (Part 2)

Christian retirement planning podcast

Ep. 15 – What Motivates Your Decisions? (Part 1)

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Ep. 14 – Do You Have a Growth Plan? (Part 2)


“There is no personalized manual for life’s transitions. Q4 Impact helps individuals turn the corner to better clarity of call which sets the stage for fuller meaning and purpose.”

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“I spend a lot of time with people age 60-80 who seek learn to thrive. I am in this stage of life and love Q4 Impact’s mission to help us fully live in the last and best season of our life!”  

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Christian podcast & Spiritual navigation Blogs

1. Welcome to Q4 Impact

As I write this, I am feeling sobered by the reality that in just a few weeks, I will be 840 months old! Get your calculators out…., or perhaps you’re like me, and have already figured it out in your head.  For some reason, God has made me to be someone who looks...

2. Seasons of Life

I love the famous song of the 60’s that mirrored the words written by King Solomon in the book of the Bible, Ecclesiastes - “For everything there is a season, and time for every matter under heaven” (ESV). Looking back at the major experiences of my life from my...

3. How Will Your Life Be Remembered?

Some might think that talking about the end of our lives is morbid. Others may say it’s depressing or sad or they would simply prefer to not think about it. While avoiding it is an option, there are many benefits to thinking about the future. If we seek to...

4. Do our Roles actually matter?

“making the main thing, the main thing” – Stephen Covey Have you ever made a list of the roles you currently hold? By roles, I mean the function you hold or the part you play in relationships, situations, or settings. Often roles are described as the “hats” one wears....

5. Choosing Discipleship

In February 1973, the Lord began the process of drawing me to be His disciple. This occurred through the dramatic revelation of Himself in my heart and mind. The more I got to know the person of Jesus, the more willing I was to want to follow Him and live according to...

6. Is it Possible to Thrive in Seasons of Pain?

“To live strongly, dutifully, watchfully on ordinary days, is the believer’s best preparation for noble behavior on extraordinary days.” Reverend W.L. Watkinson We, as Christians, have so many things for which to be thankful. The list is longer than we can grasp...

7. Is God Sovereign In Our Pain?

In my last blog, I wrote about Pleasure and Pain and we at Q4 believe it warrants more discussion. In that corresponding podcast, we discussed that our life experience includes times of celebration and pleasure as well as times of heartache and...

8. Where is your treasure stored?

When we stand before God, our baseball card collection won't mean very much. How we’ve responded to God’s love will! Need help planning? Download a two-page "Treasures" resource. Click to Download While traveling to Tennessee and Georgia, my wife and I did some...

9. What does it mean to be successful?

If we say that Jesus is Lord, then success could be defined as applying the principles of Scripture – all of it - to every part of our daily lives. Success is a critical topic for us to contemplate and personally define. For only to the degree we intentionally and...

10. Getting it right: defining our Priorities

“Success is taking advantage of life’s opportunities without neglecting one’s priorities.” Several years ago, I was interviewed by a small business magazine writing an article on Regency Lighting. During the interview, I was asked, “What is your definition of...

11. What is the point of planning?

Need help? Click to download a "Planning" Resource Click to Download I think few of us claim to be good planners. Perhaps a contributing factor is that our schools don't make teaching it a priority. We receive other instruction, are given homework, and are...

12. How to Navigate Change

I believe that God has created each of us to display His nature. Our comfort and stagnation, however, can often keep us from living a life of development and growth that is required to do so.  Much of my life has been marked by significant change.  I think...

13. Growing Through the 4th Quarter

It is my observation that there seems to be a de-emphasis on our need, as disciples of Jesus, to continue pursuing holiness once we reach a certain age. Like most cultural influences, there is a subtleness to it. One example I see is that a majority of platforms are...

14. Do you Have a Growth Plan?

In my last blog, I introduced the idea – and need – to choose a lifestyle of continual growth. As I move through these later years of my life, it becomes more and more obvious that it’s one thing to talk about something and quite another to put it into practice....

15. What Motivates Your Decisions?

Is there a more important skill to develop over the course of our lifetime than decision making? The 4th quarter of our lives brings truly critical decisions. How will we make those decisions? There are multiple underlying motivations that influence us. How will we...

16. How To Make Decisions

Need help making a decision? Click here for a decision-making guide. Click to Download In my initial writing on decision making, I focused on the value of having an established process. Generally speaking, decision making is about what is most important to...

17. Creating Your Best Bucket List

A case can be made for all of us to create our own “bucket list.” I think it would be much different from the one Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman made in the 2007 movie, “The Bucket List.” Perhaps we’d give it a different name or phrase and perhaps it wouldn’t...

18. How To Live With No Regret

A benefit of aging is often an increased amount of time to slow down and think. Though my life is full, I am fortunate to still have control over how much quiet time I have and how I use it.  In that space, certain things stand out as worthy of thought. One...

19. Creating a Life of Value

Want to create a life of value? Click here for a helpful guide. Click to Download Having reached a milestone age, my natural tendency is to now “look down the road”. I am challenging myself, and others, with questions about the future. A key question is, “What do I...

20. Living Well In Our Changing Times

My youngest grandson loves to collect and trade baseball cards. He has a great business plan – I buy them, and he sells them! Smart kid! I must admit that as his “Poppy”, I’m enjoying the collecting as well. Especially the cards of the 60’s – my own years of youth. On...

21. Experiencing a Perspective Predicament? Why Your Perspective Is Important In Life

Before we can answer why perspective is important in life, it helps to first define our terms. Webster’s defines perspective as the capacity to view things in their true relation or relative importance. My personal definition is to be able to ascribe the proper level...

22. Applying a Perspective Prescription. How To Reframe Your Perspective

In my last blog, I stated that Scripture alone – more than any other influence in our culture –  is able to provide a truly healthy perspective. Romans 12:2 (NLT) supports this statement, AND the benefit to be gained. It says, “Don’t copy the behavior...

23. How Do Others Perceive You?

Click below for a resource to help you assess how others perceive you and how you may more graciously represent Jesus to others. Click to Download I’m excited to write on the topic of self-awareness because it’s not a subject that gets much airtime. Nor does it seem...

24. Why Is Apologizing So Hard?

I was blessed by an almost 40-year career as the CEO of Regency Lighting. Over that timeframe, more than $2 billion came in and out of our corporate bank account. The average transaction was approximately $200, which meant that approximately 10 million transactions...

25. How To Counter Complacency

How do we counter or oppose the feeling of being satisfied even when we shouldn’t be? So much about life, the world we live in, and even our own personal development is not what it could be. Sadly, I see many who aren't serious about improving the world or the kind of...

26. Are You Serving Yourself Or Others?

Recently, I volunteered at a Joni and Friends family retreat (click here for more information). At these retreats, families of children with a disability come to spend five days at a camp facility. Volunteers, assigned to individual children, provide respite care...

27. Thriving As You Age

I’ve been around sports all my life. From childhood, I spent many hours in the school yards of New York playing basketball, baseball, and football. When we tired of those, we filled our days with many variances such as stoop ball, association, running bases, and...

28. Inspiration For Organization

Click below for help with your organizational projects! Click to Download Being and staying organized can become a greater challenge in our later stages of life. Certainly, if you weren’t prone to being organized when you were younger, it will be challenging to...

29. Managing Our Possessions

We are what we possess! Well, that depends on what you mean. If you think of your possessions in terms of character, values, beliefs - inner-being kinds of things, I could agree. But if your meaning of possessions relates primarily to physical, tangible things, I...

30. How To Manage Expectations

So, what did you expect? Great question, and one I don’t believe is asked enough. I fear it’s properly answered even less! I imagine we “feel” the question – or at least we feel the sting of unmet expectations. Yet a common response is to squash our...

31. Disappointment Free Living

At the conclusion of the Q4 Impact podcast that corresponds to Blog 30, "How To Manage Expectations", it was determined that a Part 2 to the podcast was needed. That podcast references the same material from Blog 30, reposted below for your convenience. We invite you...

32. Is Eternity Only About Heaven?

Nobody lives forever! It’s a common phrase, but we at Q4 couldn’t disagree more! All of Scripture, both Old and New Testaments, state plainly and often that we are eternal beings. In addition, it states that our lives on earth “are like a vapor that appears for a...

33. Is Faith Meant To Be Private?

Yes, faith is a very private thing, as it is the result of our personal life journey. It is a reaction to the evidence of a Creator seen in the beauty of creation. Such evidence couples with our individual, intimate thoughts and desires in response to God’s unique...

34. Help for Experiencing God

Click below for a helpful resource on Making The Most Of Your Time With God Click to Download Personal devotion, through spending time alone with God, may be considered one of the most important topics Q4 Impact will address. The practice of personal devotion may also...

35. Preserving Memories

I believe it’s safe to say most of us wish we were better at preserving our memories!  How many of us recall the highlights of our lives – vacations, sporting events, and special occasions? Yet wish we had more photos and videos to help lend more vivid detail to our...

36. Managing Our Distractions

There is a huge difference between distractions re-ordering our plans for a day versus allowing our distractions to order our days When it comes to distractions, I don’t believe it’s a matter of if we’re distracted. Rather, I believe it’s an issue of how much we are...

37. Who’s Really In Control?

Do you agree with the statement that we have much more than we deserve? If you do, then you likely also agree it’s appropriate to take care of what’s been given to us! This concept is called stewardship. A sort of old-fashioned word that captures an important life...

38. Not Just Another Tradition

Here we are again, the most celebrated days the world has ever known. How will you celebrate this year? Will tradition dictate the majority of your Christmas season? Traditions are an important part of our lives. And they can be helpful in providing structure and...

39. Trading Christmas Anxiety for Anticipation

It's about one week until Christmas Day. In keeping with the time of year we traditionally celebrate Jesus’ birth; it corresponds to the time in which Mary and Joseph would have departed Nazareth for Bethlehem.  Though for different reasons, we are likely...

40. Christmas….So What?!

It’s Christmas Day 2023. I’m sure we’d all agree that the end of each year keeps our proverbial plates quite full. Our lists are long, and our rest, perhaps less so. Even with its fullness, it is still the ideal time for me to reflect. To take a personal inventory of...

41. How To Be A True Friend

Exploring Life's Purpose with Faith: The Essence of True Friendship What a gift friendship is! But what causes it to happen? And when it does occur, what sustains it or what destroys it? Many of us have heard the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “the only way to have a...

42. Overcoming Loneliness

One doesn’t have to be alone to experience loneliness. Jesus felt loneliness in the Garden of Gethsemane as well as on the cross at Calvary. It is possible to face loneliness and not feel despair. Similarly, experiencing loneliness does not have to coincide with shame...

43. Can We Be Angry With God?

Amazingly, we have been given the freedom to do or think just about anything we want. So, yes, we can respond to this question in the affirmative. But perhaps the better question to ask is, “Is it appropriate to be angry with God?” Anger is an emotion Scripture...

44. How Generous Are You?

How does one measure generosity? Over the last 50 plus years, I've had the privilege of giving large amounts of my time, my talent and my treasures, or finances, to lots of causes, people, and churches. But does that make me generous? This is a question I’ve asked...

45. Giving Trumps Getting

Giving is such a great topic and what an important value to try to pass along to others. As we know, the most effective way to teach anything is to model it. And teaching generosity begins with being generous. Obvious, huh? Yet what isn't obvious is how we actually...

46. Facing the Losses Cancer Brings

Cancer. Similar to Hiroshima or 9-11, when the prognosis is given to you or a loved one, you will always remember “where you were when”. If cancer hasn’t been part of your experience, that may sound like an exaggeration. And yes, the impact of cancer may not be as far...

47. When God Says No

I lost my wife - my best friend and the love of my life - two years ago. It’s been said that God answers every prayer, even if the answer is sometimes “no”. My wife, Janie, and I battled cancer for 18 years, and you can be sure we prayed many prayers for her healing....

48. How Important Is God’s Word?

When I became a Christian at the age of nineteen, one of the greatest evidences of my conversion was a new-found craving for Scripture. Having been raised in a Baptist church, I was familiar with the Bible stories,and, because of countless “Bible Drills”, I knew the...

50. Finding Your ‘Why’

Finding our “why” could be linked to finding our “who” or our “what”! It is akin to discovering our purpose in life. As believers, the best place to begin seeking out such answers begins with asking, “Why has God created us?” and “What direction does Scripture provide...

51. Compromise, Contradiction and Credibility

Let's begin at the end. A number of years ago, while I was quite young, I made the decision to try to live my life in such a way that others would trust me. I longed to live with consistency, reliability, and what I later learned to describe as credibility. By...