1. Welcome to Q4 Impact

by Sep 18, 2022Uncategorized

As I write this, I am feeling sobered by the reality that in just a few weeks, I will be 840 months old! Get your calculators out…., or perhaps you’re like me, and have already figured it out in your head.  For some reason, God has made me to be someone who looks ahead and plans.  Coupled with being an avid reader, this has caused the critical issues of life, and the intentional focus on them, to become a passionate interest.  Thus, I find myself at this stage of life, considering few topics of greater importance than how the final season of life is to be spent.  Over the course of recent years, I have had the opportunity to witness up close and personal some who have done it well, and others who have not.  Q4 Impact has been created to help Christians find lasting purpose in their retirement years. 

We can see things through the rear-view mirror better than through the windshield.

As we walk through the many milestones of our lives, it is often true that we can see things through the rear-view mirror better than through the windshield.  In our earlier years, our lives are often filled with building careers, building families, friendships, and church relationships.  The topic of preparing for our fourth quarter may occasionally take the limelight, but largely only for estate planning purposes.  Yes, financial planning is an important piece of the last season of our lives, and I also want to declare that there is much, much more to also consider. 

There is a strong “current” of belief within our culture that influences our thinking surrounding the accepted norms of our society and shaping how we choose to live our lives.  In the days to come, Q4 Impact will be posting on a variety of topics that beg for serious thought and consideration.  We desire to challenge you with perspectives that are a bit different from what is commonly promoted and encourage you to daily pursue that which has lasting significance. 

If you wish to experience a life of meaning and purpose long after the “building” stage of life shifts, we invite you to join the podcast conversation at Buzzsprout (click here). You can anticipate hearing weekly thought-provoking and vital topics deserving of your thought and prayer.