Nourish your heart, soul and mind with practical wisdom and principles to live all of your days to their fullest.


“There is no personalized manual for life’s transitions. Q4 Impact helps individuals turn the corner to better clarity of call which sets the stage for fuller meaning and purpose.”

H. Sue Snyder

“I spend a lot of time with people from age 60-80, who are trying to figure out how to thrive and flourish. I am in the same stage of life and love Q4 Impact’s mission to help us fully live in the last and best season of our life!”  

Dr. Richard Blackmon

“Q4 Impact uniquely empowers a generation whose skills, wisdom, and experience is desperately needed in the world today. For those who answer the call, the best years of retirement are yet to come.”

Steve Bundy

“Too often the wisdom of the ages gets relegated to the past. I love that Q4 Impact honors those who have gone before us and encourages them to continue to lead the way forward!”

Marcus Costantino

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