40. Christmas….So What?!

by Dec 25, 20232023

It’s Christmas Day 2023. I’m sure we’d all agree that the end of each year keeps our proverbial plates quite full. Our lists are long, and our rest, perhaps less so. Even with its fullness, it is still the ideal time for me to reflect. To take a personal inventory of how I think I’ve lived the year.  I believe this is a fitting practice. 

Within this habit of self-evaluation, I look at my relationship with the One we just celebrated, Jesus. I assess the past year for what went well and what didn’t. I consider what I believe God wants for me and what I can do to prepare for the New Year. 

Looking Back

Mary, Joseph, Zacharias and Elizabeth are such great models after whom to pattern our lives. They persevered and were loyal and devoted. Because of that, they fulfilled what God had called them to do. 

Their examples are one reason I wrote The Wonder of Christmas. I wish I could gather multitudes to read and share the story. For in it, we see and are encouraged by the display of amazing hope and faith. Even amid much difficulty we see great devotion, strengthened by a love for and trust in God to see His purposes realized. 

Looking Forward

Reminding myself of the miraculous series of events leading up to the birth of our Savior, stirs me to reflect and question: 

  • How should I now live? 
  • To what has God called me? 
  • How might I serve Him more faithfully and more passionately? 
  • Are there things I’m to give up for Him? 
  • Are there people for whom He wants me to care more? 
  • What does Jesus want me to do in the next year?

As the Lord sustains our lives, we will have the privilege to begin a New Year again next week. And with it, another opportunity to be fully surrendered to the One who gave His life for us. Would you choose to let this be the year you are most willing and passionate about giving yourself fully to the One Who has withheld nothing from us? He deserves no less. 

Merry Christmas, friends! Together, let’s worship and follow the Savior of the world in 2024!