28. Inspiration For Organization

by Oct 2, 20232023

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Being and staying organized can become a greater challenge in our later stages of life. Certainly, if you weren’t prone to being organized when you were younger, it will be challenging to develop this new skill. For me, it raises the question, “At what age do we stop being willing to do things that are healthy and productive?” Is it 50, 60, or 70, when we say, “Sorry, I’m too old”? Is there a Bible verse to justify our resistance or refusal to live fruitfully, faithfully, and responsibly?

Yes, I’m being sarcastic and doing so to try to make a point! As I age, and head toward my final chapters, I find myself longing to complete projects I’ve dreamed about doing. I am conscious of not wanting to leave things undone or in disarray. So, one by one, I’m getting to them! Examples include organizing my pictures and ensuring my finances are in order. I’m making lists of the things I want to do with the people I love. I’m reviewing my relationships and thinking especially about the ones that have meant the most to me. 

Some of the projects we may need to complete, take a long time. Going through our old financial records, our garages, closets, and files take a considerable amount of time and energy. However, I’m just not willing to leave a mess behind for my kids to clean up. Yes, preparing for our final chapter requires some organization. And sometimes I think, for some, that’s almost a curse word.

My reason for bringing this up is obvious. There is no benefit, blessing, or satisfaction in coming to the end of your life and leaving your kids with unnecessary headaches.  All because you weren’t willing to take responsibility and complete the process of finalizing your personal affairs. Like many things in life, excellence requires organization. To get almost anything done WELL, organization is a requirement.  And I find that recognizing our own mortality puts great weight on the need to not leave this earth with a bunch of unfinished things still undone.

It saddens me to notice and experience firsthand, how many are unprepared – and unwilling to prepare – for the end of their lives. While we may easily recognize the spiritual component in being prepared to die, do we recognize that there is a physical one as well? I don’t believe we have to be unprepared for either one.

And organization is a key component to preparing the physical realm. If organization is not one of your strengths or simply not been given a place of importance, it’s not too late! Find a friend to help you or hire someone who is skilled at helping others get organized. Another option is to find a book to help you gain the skill. A great one I can personally recommend is entitled, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. It’s not hard. it just requires a willingness to recognize the value and to act. I have found that working with a friend provides inspiration AND helps my motivation to continue. Working together can also help give you the energy needed to take care of things you’ve neglected for years.

I believe being organized is one of the best feelings we can have as adults. Imagine, your closet is clean, the clothes you don’t wear are gone, and you know exactly what you have. Your pictures are organized, either chronologically or by individual or event, and easy for you to enjoy. Your garage is in order, and you know where to find things. For some, it could include your books or crafts items, jewelry, or even the shape of your kitchen. Other areas that benefit from organization include your finances, your records, and location of service providers.  Each has their benefit. In contrast, being unorganized, sloppy, or in a house filled with clutter, really offers no benefit or comfort. 

We’ve been talking about important things for the fourth quarter of life for many months now. And I believe organization is connected to many of the issues we’ve addressed. It’s my hope you will take the necessary steps to make progress in this area of your life. The reasons to do so are numerous and are all good. 

As we carefully and wisely steward all the Lord has entrusted to us, it honors Him, and demonstrates care for ourselves, and our loved ones. Please don’t make light of this glaring problem, that is prevalent among many.  Will you choose to be a responsible caretaker of the things God has given you? 

The universe God created is filled with order and He calls us to do all things decently and in order.  I believe that as we put our homes and lives in order, it will usher us into greater freedom.