20. Living Well In Our Changing Times

by Aug 7, 20232023

My youngest grandson loves to collect and trade baseball cards. He has a great business plan – I buy them, and he sells them! Smart kid! I must admit that as his “Poppy”, I’m enjoying the collecting as well. Especially the cards of the 60’s – my own years of youth. On occasion, I think I may need therapy as I recall how many Micky Mantle cards wound up in the spokes of my English Racer bike. Possibly millions of dollars’ worth! Oh, how the times have changed!

As time flies by and we approach our twilight years, it seems like changes are occurring all the more quickly. And that constant change is making it harder and harder to keep up. We are getting slower, while the pace of change and new technology is speeding up. It is evident in almost every area of our lives. From our phones, thermostats, and coffee makers, to our lights, and bill paying, just to name a few. We are no longer able to fix our own cars like we used to, and even the clothing we purchase fits and looks so different. As the ever-increasing speed of change puts more emphasis on youthfulness we can begin to feel diminished and devalued. These many changes can easily cause us to fall into the trap of feeling like we can’t keep up, so why even try? 

The BEST Response to Changing Times

We have a choice. One option is to withdraw. Another is to be willing to put in the time and effort required to keep up with the changes. Yes, the latter choice, does come with its share of frustration. But hasn’t it been your experience that once you learn how to operate the coffee maker, it wasn’t really very hard? My Mom used to say, “Everything is hard until you learn how to do it, and then nothing is hard.” I love recalling her words, as they serve as a continual reminder to me now that this old dog CAN learn new tricks. 

Friends, there is only one best choice. That is to put in the effort to acquire whatever necessary skills are needed to continue managing our lives in the midst of the uncomfortable changes happening all around us. I think this likely requires a change in our natural tendencies. There is something inside of us, especially as we age, that resists change. But in reality, when we choose to embrace it, we can enjoy the outcomes that result. The results about which I’m speaking include remaining connected and relevant to a younger generation that needs the benefit of our wisdom and experience. 

A Constant In Changing Times

We need encouragement to embrace and adapt to the changing world around us.  The changes we are all experiencing are external, yet the manner in which we face these challenges is shaped by what God has formed inside of us.  Scripture says we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. This includes learning our new thermostats and how to text or Zoom with our grandchildren.  

Scripture is thousands of years old and has NEVER stopped being relevant. Friends, it is within the words of Scripture that we will continually find what is necessary to adapt to any change. To do so, however, does require willingness and courage. So, while the times, they are a changin’, Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. It’s part of the reason Q4 was begun! We exist to encourage you to adapt yourself to maintaining a vibrant and relative impact on the culture around you and those you love.