We equip christians with practical wisdom and principles through christian books and podcasts about faith so you can live all of your days to their fullest.




Ron Regenstreif  |  Founder

About Q4 Impact

Q4 exists to counter the prevailing mentality about how our lives are to be lived.

We believe life should be lived to its fullest, marked by meaning and influence, and that God’s Word provides the blueprint for doing so.

Through our blog and podcast, we share Scripture story and conversation to coach and inspire you to practically live God’s truths so you can make an impact every day of your life.

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A Biblical Story



“There is no personalized manual for life’s transitions. Q4 Impact helps individuals turn the corner to better clarity of call which sets the stage for fuller meaning and purpose.”

H. Sue Snyder

“I spend a lot of time with people age 60-80 who seek learn to thrive. I am in this stage of life and love Q4 Impact’s mission to help us fully live in the last and best season of our life!”  

Dr. Richard Blackmon

“Q4 Impact empowers a generation whose skills, wisdom, and experience is greatly needed in the world. For those who answer the call, the best years of retirement are yet to come.”

Steve Bundy

“Too often the wisdom of the ages gets relegated to the past. I love that Q4 Impact honors those who have gone before us and encourages them to continue to lead the way forward!”

Marcus Costantino